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When I finished the last chapter of my novel, I thought the hard work was behind me. 

I had no idea.

When a debut author signs a publishing contract, she agrees to direct the marketing of her work. A person who’s more comfortable sitting alone in a dark room, tapping out tales by the dim light of a computer screen, must transform herself into an expert self-promoter.

She’s advised to develop a website, a blog presence, a Facebook author page, a Twitter account, an Amazon author page, a platform on Goodreads…and that’s just for starters. For a technologically stunted hermit like me, the prospect of launching so many social media sites was enough to make me consider calling the whole thing off.

Enter Christine Hyde.

She’s been my friend for many years, supporting me and cheering me on whenever I needed bolstering. She took my hand and led me through the challenges of initiating each platform, setting up the accounts and pages so all I needed to do was step onstage. While much more technologically savvy than I am,  she still had to spend hours of her busy life teaching herself the ins and outs of a less familiar system.

That was never more true than when she developed this trailer. She pored through free music samples, careful not to break any copyright laws. For days she searched for just the right shots to capture Sophia looking sweet and sexy. (“If I die right now,” she texted me one morning, “you’d better explain to people  why my search history is full of boobs, butts, lingerie, and sexy lady back.”)

Please enjoy this trailer of A Leap of Faith, produced by the talented Christine Hyde.